Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peeps on Parade

Pictures from the Arboretum. A family day favorite.
Mamma Jamma
Hoodlums =)
Okay, okay but Nathan actually requested this shot.
More of Nathan's photography skills.
Doing our part to propagate the Dandelions.
I'm sure the horticulturists appreciate our efforts.
Quickly growing boy/ quickly growing afro.
My favorite! (picture not kids ;-))
Future model. Always posing.
Tim Vs. The Arboretum
Miscellaneous Pictures

Mia and Mamoune
Nathan and his prize bunny at the annual Wright family Easter gathering.

Did I mention the modeling career?
Heaven help us.
Freshly shorn boy --not baby anymore-- just boy. sigh.
Man on the run.
Two sweet peas in a pod.