Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sometimes when you're feeling overwhelmed by life, kids, ministry, circumstances, spiritual warfare, food poisoning, fatigue, or a number of other completely random things =), it helps to shift focus and consider the things that are simple, quiet, don't wake you from sleep in the middle of the night, don't wretch your insides, and are really beautiful just because they are! Here are some shots of the really beautiful things God is letting us enjoy around the Sexton/Launch 150 stomping grounds.
The Rose bushes are exploding with color.

This one just about makes me cry. Teri Gray gave me this plant 8 years ago for my birthday. We moved and left it behind. Last year, I asked permission from the current residents to dig it up and transplanted it to our front yard. Given my track record -I expected it to wither and die immediately. Not dead. Gorgeous!

Same plant -two types -two completely different shades of purple. God is so cool.

Even the garden is showing off!

Delicate Sugar Snap blooms


Mulberries ripening overnight. Cobbler on the way!

And last but not least...there are always these lovely ladies. I never would've dreamed that sitting and staring at a bunch of chickens could be so therapeutic. It's quite impressive when those layers of feathers reflect a prism of color in a kiss of sunshine.

I am waxing poetic about yard fowl. sigh. Maybe I'm even more tired than I thought. Off to take a nap.