Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Four No More!

Last Wednesday Justus began running a fever in the late afternoon. We put him to bed and I tossed and turned all night anticipating his cries when the medicine wore off and his temperature climbed. It finally happened at FOUR in the morning. I got him up and slept the rest of the night (morning) on the couch feeling like I was snuggled up to a gargantuan baked potato.

Thursday and Friday my body tried to catch up on the sleep lost but unsuccessfully. ( I was mid-way through a digestive cleanse and my system was fighting against me.)

Saturday evening after church, Bella complained of a headache. Yep. Full-blown fever by bedtime. She crashed on the couch and we decided to leave her there so we wouldn't have to wake the other pre-schooler to care for her in the night. After one hour of sleep, she made her way into our bedroom. Tim vacated to the couch and again I was wrestling an oven-hot super-spud. She moved, turned, dug her feet into my back and legs ALL night. I alternated Tylenol and Ibuprofen, wrapped her feet and legs in a vinegar soaked cloth, held, rocked, and comforted her. At long last, she fell asleep. It was FOUR in the morning.

Sunday night, I tried to catch up.

We headed to bed around 10pm on Monday and I was out like a light. Then the phone rang. 11:45. I threw on my clothes and headed out to take my friend and her daughter to the Emergency Room. We waited and w-a-i-t-e-d. She was seen. Everything was fine. She was discharged. I dropped them off around the corner and quietly slipped back into the house. Tim met me at the door. I crawled back into the bed guessed it - FOUR in the morning.

I'm still trying to catch up.

Now, I'm just hoping that this four thing comes in...threes. =)