Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out of the mouths of Babes

People have asked me at various times since we moved here if we feel safe. I recently got this question from a good friend after mentioning that I'd gone out walking early that morning. I had to laugh. Truth was, I did get creeped out a bit...that is, when I got to the "nice/white" section of town and found that I was completely alone between empty, two-income homes and a construction site. If I'd been grabbed up, no one would've even heard me scream. Back here on my side of town, I got waves, smiles, and even a big hug from one our middle schoolers waiting at the bus stop. So, the way I see it --the scariest neighborhood is the one full of strangers with tightly-drawn blinds and manicured lawns. But it's not just me...

Sunday nights have become a sort of family worship time for us. Usually, we light a candle or two, sing along with Tim and his guitar, and then pray for families and situations in our community. This past weekend, we put the little people down for the night and then migrated to the front porch. It was quite dark as we huddled under blankets and sang and chatted. Having read the entire Little House series to our kids over the years, Tim mentioned that he felt a little like Pa with his fiddle at the close of the day. "This ain't the prairie." I chimed in. "Not the big woods either" he added. Then Mamoune said, "I'm glad it's not the big woods! If it was, I'd be scared to go outside in the dark."

Oftentimes, perception defines reality. But it's awfully fun when reality corrects our perception.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Open Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

Why have you turned against me? For 35 (soon to be 36) years I have taken decent care of you. I don't smoke or drink heavily. I give you fresh air and sunshine while protecting you from the harshest rays. I typically avoid fatty, greasy foods and occasionally even eat a plate full of spinach salad. I nurture, clean, perfume, clothe, and care for you. And I got you a good man. Don't even get me started on what he does for you. Yet you betray me. Why?

An occasional virus is one thing but this has gotten out of hand. You let down your guard in January and that stupid virus took its toll on me. Then the coughing, and the coughing, and the coughing. Then strep; then a revisit from my ovarian cyst; and most recently a possible bout with my gall bladder. Did I mention the coughing? Seriously!? I thought you were my friend.

You've lost your stamina. You've lost your ability to endure stress. You've lost your quick recovery time. And what have you gained? Girth, my dear. Nothing but girth. Darn you.

What must I do to get you back on my side? What do you want from me? A nutritious, well-balanced diet? Regular exercise? sigh...you ask a lot. I suppose I'm willing to try. But just between me and you, I better see some evidence that it's working and quickly or all bets are off, sister!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shower Scents

I was getting ready to wash my hair when I noticed that I was low on shampoo and conditioner. Low as in, already added water to the bottle and squeezed out the last pitiful squirt of foam. So, having exhausted the meaning of frugality I looked under the bathroom sink where I have a stash of hair products that were bought by or for me while on sale. Problem is, I don't have any sets; only random, mix-matched bottles like Ocean Breeze, Crisp Green Apple, Freesia, etc. The dilemma. What do I want to smell like? I finally settled on "Fresh Mountain Strawberry" shampoo and "Cucumber Melon" conditioner.

Why Amie, what's that delightful fragrance you're wearing?

Fruit salad.