Saturday, June 27, 2009


We are home. At this point, we are processing much. The best I can offer you are some examples of contrasting emotions we have and continue to experience:

We were sad to leave the crew and I nearly melted down after fighting off nausea the duration of both flights (Atlanta to Miami and then Miami to Port-au-Prince).

BUT we were so excited to see our friends Troy and Tara, and Paige, and the little people!

We were overwhelmed by a visit to the Missionaries of Charity ministry which was filled to overflowing with children suffering greatly from illness and starvation. Amazing and greatly needed work being done there.

BUT I was so struck by the work of Beth McHoul and Heartline ministry as I watched the women's class where boobs were being whipped out everywhere by moms who've learned the importance of breastfeeding and now have firm, even plump little brown-eyed babies! Amazing and greatly needed work being done there!

We enjoyed every minute of our time with the Livesay Crew and love laughing, crying, and praying (while laughing and crying) with them. So refreshing.

BUT it was hard to leave and I miss them so much already.

We were glad to be reunited with our crew who were quite successfully spoiled by their grandparents.

BUT like many of you, we were devastated by the news that we have lost a wonderful friend, Tyrone, and will miss him so much.

And tomorrow, I am anxious to spend time with one of my favorite couples.

BUT I am heartbroken that they will leave from here to move far to the Midwest and I will miss them so much, too.

ugh. In a book I've been reading lately titled "The Beautiful Mess" the author talks about the clashing of this fallen world and the Kingdom of God. He refers to it as beautiful tension. Like two weather fronts coming together in a frightening but awesome display of thunder and lightning. The beauty is in all of these relationships and what each of them means and has meant to us. The tension comes in the distance, the separation, the ending of a life on this earth.

Yeah, we are still processing.


T & T Livesay said...

Missed having Sunday with you guys today ... that rocked last week. Love you.

Anonymous said...


That book sounds very good...I may have to get it!

Where are your friend moving in the midwest? I am in the midwest!!

So glad you had a great time in Haiti!!!


The Sexton Crew said...

Tara- missed you, too. Something about an air-conditioned building and mega sound/lighting system that makes it obvious we aren't in Haiti anymore. :(

Karla -Thanks!! The book is by Rick McKinley. He's the pastor of Imago Dei church in Portland, Oregon. Very easy to read and very good for perspective.

Our friends are moving to Rockford, Illinois. Midwest may have been an overstatement but they have family in Iowa and well, I get confused about what counts as what.

Anywhere near you?

T & T Livesay said...

That is a half hour from Karla.

Anonymous said...

Amie...actually Rockford is VERY close to me!! We live in Rochelle which is 25 miles south of Rockford. I go to Rockford all the time!!

What is taking them to Rockford???