Sunday, July 19, 2009

Table Scraps

After the funeral of our friend Ty, we were having dinner and talking over life and death. Isaiah declared with much irritation, "Man, black people always have to die." We couldn't exactly argue with him --especially when we were somewhat amused by his indignation over the issue. Tim said, "Well, yeah, Ty was black so...that's too bad for you." I chuckled under my breath. (While I can't stand children who torture each other, I consider it our parental obligation to torture the children. =))

Tim took it a bit further. "You know, Isaiah, I ate dinner with Tyrone several times and now I'm eating with you. That probably means you're going to die someday."

"Aw, man." Isaiah bemoaned.

"And Ty was a musician. You like music, don't you Diz?"

The mouth hung open. Poor kid. He was practically standing at death's door when Mamoune had all she could stand of our nonsense and dropped this pearl of wisdom.

"Good grief, Isaiah. They're just irritating you. Everybody has to die in their lifetime."

Nothing gets past that girl.

And don't worry -Ty would totally approve of us using his passing to torment our kids.

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