Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Saturday mornings is traditionally throw down in the living room and watch kids TV day. (Nevermind that our refusal to get cable has doomed us to watch the same three Hannah Montanna episodes over and over. shrug)

This weekend Nathan took great care in preparing his pallet. In fact, he used all of his bedding AND his brothers bedding to make it as fluffy as possible. As he settled back on the 6-8 pillows he had confiscated from around the house, he sighed "Aaah. Mom, look at what I made just for me."

"Wow. That's so very selfless of you." I replied suspiciously. "Aren't those Izzy's blankets?"

"Yeah, but nobody else helped me. It's like that story in the Bible about the chicken."

Quizzical looks from both parents.

"The one where she does all the work and doesn't let anyone eat..."

We busted out laughing. "Nathan! You doof. The Little Red Hen is not in the Bible."

"Well, it's probably in the Catholic Bible!"

Good heavens! I may not get to blog for awhile...I'll be brushing up on the Apocrypha.



Heather said...

Haha (twice)!

Shari said...

Love this story!! Truly out of the mouth of babes.