Friday, October 16, 2009

Going Green

Tim here, making a cameo appearance on the blog:
Human beings got their start in a Garden, and the Bible's narrative tells the story of God's work to return us back to fellowship with Him in a new creation. There's a lot of theology in a garden, and maybe I'll write about that some day, but for now here are some pictures of what God's growing in our backyard:

I enjoyed this beautful head of broccoli in my salad today!

Looking forward to cabbage, and collard greens, too.

And turnips are on the way...

Compost: next year's fertilizer! Yum, yum...

We use the garden to supplement our food, teach us dependence on God, and teach the kids in the neighborhood about creation stewardship. The most annoying thing about the garden is when Mama Hazel (91 year-old who lives behind us) yells across the yard, "Amie's garden sure does look good!" (Amie has yet to pick and squash a cabbage worm between her fingers, which is the official initiation to green living).

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