Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Brainiacs

Spotlight on Mamoune:

In home school yesterday, we began a grammar unit on nouns. Mamoune and Nathan needed to identify abstract and concrete nouns. I carefully and slowly explained the difference and gave the instructions for their workbook page. "Understand?" I asked. "Yep" they answered. "Okay, go ahead and write your name at the top of the page and get started." (Yes, I know who they are and it seems like a futile step in a home school setting but I make them do it anyway!)

--7.3 seconds later--

Mamoune: Mom, I need help.

Me: Help with what? You haven't started yet.

Mamoune: um, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

Me: I just told you what to do!

Mamoune: I know, but I forgot 'cause I had to write my name.

Me: (Briefly staring in disbelief. Shifting to Tim for either a warning look to "let it go" or permission to mock my child mercilessly. Permission granted. Commenced to raucous laughter.)

And if that weren't enough to warrant spotlighting the superior intelligence of our eldest daughter, well, earlier the same day-

Tim and I were having a snuggly, slow morning and instead of getting up and releasing the kiddos from the nights sleep, we just took the lazy route and whistled for them. It took several shrill calls before Mamoune finally emerged. We knew she'd been awake for some time (she still lives on Haitian time and rises with the sun) and so we inquired:

Me: Where you been?

Mamoune: In my room.

Me: Whatcha doing?

Mamoune: Playing with my Barbies.

Me: Oh. You didn't hear us calling you?

Mamoune: (dead serious) No, 'cause they were all talking and stuff.

Cautious laughter on this one...

I think Mamoune knows it's all in fun but hey... I've seen Child's Play and frankly, I don't like the way Barbie looks at me.

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