Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post Beach Report

Oh, the beauty! Oh, the bliss! Oh, the bummer of it coming to an end. We had such an amazing time in Ocean Isle, and if you follow my facebook you should know that we stretched "Naked Friday" over several days. =)

As a mom of five there is something completely liberating about sitting in the bed with my hubby, munching chocolates, sipping a Mojito, and watching 80's music videos on television at 2 o'clock in the afternoon completely nude. I never once had to wonder if a little person was going to run into the room and a) steal my chocolates b) change the channel to another rerun of Hannah Montana or c) scream in horror and require years of therapy. Freedom! Divine freedom!

Here are some pictures and commentary from the trip (no, silly, not those pictures):

Last time it snowed at Ocean Isle was 10 years ago. Very cool timing!

Looked like the waves were coming from both directions.

Snowy seashells

Snow-beach bunnies.

Whimsy meets irony.

No tan lines for Tim!

Last year the sign said "Out for Business."

We didn't expect them to top that but they did.

Considered putting a new countdown clock here but that would just be too depressing. Perhaps it should become a bi-annual Ocean Isle retreat. hmmmm.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

funny thing about that sign. With Titus (nicknamed T) having the squirts for 5 days STRAIGHT, I could easily post that sign in my front yard, for he is, indeed, the T-Shit*er here.
Sorry, Mom, if you read that. Please forgive me...
Sextons - glad you were able to steal away and be naked in peace for a few days!