Monday, January 5, 2009

It's A Wrap

While this is officially my end of the year-stories and pictures from Christmas-summary of 2008 post; I MUST begin by saying on this 5th day of January 2009 ---

Happy Birthday Timothy!

I love you so much! You are my favorite person on the planet. Long hugs, slobbery kisses, and other mushy things that gross out our children (and blog readers) to you on your special day. "Special" meaning eight hours of work, five needy children, a disheveled wife, and lots of homework awaiting your return. woot! Don't worry, babe, we'll save up our partying for Ocean Isle!

Advertisement: Speaking of our second annual trip to Ocean Isle - we are now accepting offers for child care between February 13th and 16th. We have five lovely and well-behaved (oh, wait you've been reading this blog -drat) well, lovely anyway; children who will make a delightful temporary addition to any home. No reasonable offers will be refused. ;-)

Back to the 2008 wrap up. We had a wonderful trip to Atlanta to visit family. Tim and I managed to coerce the grandparents into a lunch date (for us not them) and I squeezed in a couple of shopping trips with my sister sans children which were a highlight of the trip. Overall though, I would have to say that one of our favorite moments came via Isaiah.

Tim's parents took the crew out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. My kids have never been ones to order from the children's menu. No. It's just not enough food. They have adult-sized appetites and so they want adult-sized food. I tried to sway them toward the mini-burgers that come four to a serving, thinking that would at least be easier to handle but Isaiah was having none of that. He wanted the big burger. And he got it. When they brought out the plates, Isaiah couldn't contain himself --"That's the biggest hamburger I've ever seen!!" he exclaimed.

The waitress was amused by his excitement and was telling another waitress about him when the visiting district manager overheard the conversation. "Let's show him a REALLY big burger!" she suggested. So, as we finished our meal and Izzy put away the last bites of his already big burger; out comes the waitresses with a platter just for him -the Colossal Burger.

I was already voicing my protest when she said, "Don't worry. It's on the house." Basically, they just wanted to see his face light up when he got a look at that burger and it did! He was in heaven. Naturally, I did not have my camera but we got a picture of him with his monster burger the next day at lunch.

So, to the waitresses and manager at the Ruby Tuesday's in Peachtree City, GA -you made the boy's night! Thank you!

More pictures and stories to come.

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The Millenders said...

Happy Birthday - sorry we didn't send a card - hope it is a great one!!! Love and miss you lots - and if we were there we would totally take your children! Glad you had a great Christmas! Talk to you soon!