Sunday, January 11, 2009


Okay, there have been lots of "kodak moments" the past couple of weeks and I've decided to dump 'em all on you at once and get it over with. Afterward, I'll try to get back to posting something of substance. =)

Where's WaldoBella?

Tim's birthday was on Jan. 5th. After dinner that night, he mused about not having a birthday cake. I decided to work with what I had and give him a special treat on the spur of the moment.
This was my first attempt: a small mountain of white chocolate morsels and a matchstick.
He was unimpressed.

I went for plan B. A snickers bar. He said it looked like poop with a candle stuck in it. And yet, however distasteful he found it to look...

He didn't even share one slice of it with me. shrug.

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