Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peeps on Parade

It's more like PEEP on parade...Mamma Jamma, that is.

Today was the First in Fitness county wide competition and as I mentioned before, Mamoune was representing her school in the pull-up event. She looked great. She did her best. She pulled with everything she had but came up short in the end. For some reason my computer refuses to rotate video so, here she is in action (albeit sideways):

The girl who won did twenty-six pull-ups. Twenty six?! Yeah, let's just say that if this had been the Olympics, we would've called for an on the spot urine check. That ain't no Flintstone vitamin her mamma's been giving her every morning. Oh, don't worry. We aren't teaching our kids to be sore losers. Suspicious but not sore. ;-)

We are very proud of her for trying and as Tim said, "A yellow ribbon, a red t-shirt, and half a day off from school is not too bad."


Rosie said...

do oyu give mamoune a log name? The name on the shirt s diferent

The Sexton Crew said...

Rosie -

Yakira (ya-kee-rah) is her first name. We added it when she was adopted but she was almost five when she came home so, we stuck with calling her Mamoune.

Heather said...

Um, I miss you.

Having said that, here's a short video for you:

Have a great day, Amie!

Anonymous said...

That looks really hard and you did a great job Mamoune!! We love our NC Peeps-on-Parade!

Lisa said...

Congrats Mamoune!!!!

To the Videographer: can't make vertical videos horizontal. unless there's technology out there that I'm unaware of.

gasp! shocking thought.

The Sexton Crew said...

Heather -I miss you, too! Glad to see you are FINALLY feeling better. Thanks for the clip (His whole "God ain't through with me yet" show is great!)

Lisa -Could you please invent the technology for morons like us who repeatedly make useless vertical videos? In your spare time, of course! =)