Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The un-Missionary Memoirs

Through the months of March and April we are hosting Friday night movies at our house for the neighborhood gang (uh, gang of kids that is -maybe next year we'll start entertaining the other gangs :-/). It's been going great with anywhere from 17 to 22 kids each week crammed into the living room. We watch a fun movie and then have a discussion about biblical principles that can be drawn from the movies. We've covered peer pressure, perseverance, using your talents for God's glory, and obedience thus far.

Our Sunday School class has helped us to provide popcorn and lemonade for the kids. One couple bought us a Whirley Pop (thanks Lesters!!) so we can pop it up in bulk. Bella has become a real pro at finding the leftover popcorn stuffed in the couch and on the floor. Most of the time we catch her before she eats it know. As long as she finds it before Justus does, we're doing okay.

The kids have responded really well to the devotions and several are asking deeper questions about the gospel so that's very cool! This week is Over the Hedge and we'll get to talk about honesty, community, family, and serving others verses using them. Speaking of community and family, we may have emphasized this a little too well...

While Tim and I both feel that our quiver is full and have no intentions of adding to the tribe again (read here for Tim's fool-proof plan); it seems that despite the fact that we are no longer adopting children, children continue to adopt us. I found these written in the fronts of two different bible study books:

Clearly, we need to work with ALL our sons and "derters" on their spelling. Too bad we can't claim them on our taxes. ;-)


Heather said...

I showed Eric your message to him. He said he feels like you're a movie star, Amie, because he's heard so much about you but he hasn't met you. "She's like Bono." ;-)

The Sexton Crew said...

Ha -that's hysterical! Now, I can NEVER meet him because I don't want to destroy that image. I like Bono. =)

T & T Livesay said...

Awwww. Pride welling up -- the kind where I am proud of you guys --- not the kind I usually have that makes me an ass.

Good work guys.

The Sexton Crew said...

We fight that kind on a regular basis. Maybe we should start a club -AA.