Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Using Protection

*parental notice -reading to or with your children may cause questions you are not ready to answer.

We had a post-placement visit last night with our sweet friend from Amazing Grace Adoptions. As I've said several times -lots of people have surprise pregnancies; we have surprise adoptions. So, Tim revealed his plan for keeping our crew at it's current membership of five. He said he's going to buy a condom and wrap it over the phone so that we can practice "safe calling." Therefore, no calls which may result in children can get through. Insane. Tim claims that his productivity is down due to the lack of sleep but it seems to have heightened his sense of humor. I would say this is a great trade if not for the fact that he is the sole provider for our family. Productivity should probably be of greater value to those of us who like to eat.

Justus is growing and changing to a round faced little boy every day. Also, I have finally added a new post to the braindump story. Sorry it's been so long that you may have to back track to remember where we were.

Happy Tuesday!


Kristen said...

If you do go through with this idea, please post a picture. That is pretty funny!

T & T Livesay said...

I missed this post last July ... I must have been moving from a horrid mission into a cement city ... glad you linked back to it Ames. Funny.

Love from another quiver is full team member.