Monday, July 28, 2008

The Weekend in Review

My parents were here from Friday until Sunday morning. It was quite a weekend. They got a first-hand look at our community grill-out nights. Mom stayed in with the baby most of night to "keep the gnats from bothering Justus." Sure, Fran. I think she was using "gnats" as a code word for rambunctious children.

Here are a cuople of Friday night shots:

Saturday was my parents wedding anniversary -39 years! We decided to give them a romantic dinner... alongside their six grandchildren. They were the honored guest at a very exclusive restaurant called Chez Sextone. You might be tempted to think that this establishment serves more than just food. It doesn't. The kids took great pleasure serving as hosts/hostess and waiters.

And then there was the main event of the weekend: just hanging with the grand kids.

When we visit Atlanta my mom always says, "Boy, do I know when my kids are home. Ya'll have stuff strewn from one side of this house to the other." Ahem, don't worry Mom, I'll ship you your black shoes, white sweater, Steak-n-Shake cups, Daddy's socks, and cooler.

Boy, do I know when the grandparents are here. ;-)


ali said...

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! funny as heck. i love how they left their crud behind, GOOD ONE! how can mamoune be so grown up? jackson is too, its shocking to me. i dont recall giving mamoune permision either...he is so jazzed that he can sit in the front seat. oh, to be a kid again!

The Sexton Crew said...

Ali -I don't know how I've missed your blog before now. I can't believe that's the same skinny legged little Jackson we used to know. Wow! I asked Mamoune if she remembers him and she remembers the video that we loved to watch of the two of them dancing and fighting for camera time in the hotel.

Time really does fly!