Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Tim and our friend Nancy (props to Nancy for pulling baby patrol Sunday night! THANK YOU!!) decided to take the neighborhood crew on a quick bike ride around the block. They hadn't gone far when a dog came out at the children and one of our youngest girls took a nasty fall. After getting her home, she became very groggy, disoriented, and then began vomiting. I drove her and her mom to the ER. It was scary. She didn't recognize her mom for the longest time and would say things that made no sense. After a ct scan, they told us that she had a pretty severe concussion and then admitted her over night for observation.

Was she wearing a helmet? No. Please refrain from lecturing; we've learned our lesson the hard way. Even a short trip around the block is enough for something crazy and potentially horrible to happen. The little girl is doing much better now. And on the kinda bright side, her mom and I were able to really deepen the relationship that we've started through great conversations at the hospital and just mutual concern and prayers for her daughter. And our Sunday School class cronies were servants in action, jumping in to help Tim with our kids and the rest of this family's children while we were gone. Thanks guys for doing community to the extreme!!

You can expect our book "Reaching Your Community for Christ -One Head Injury at a Time" to hit the market any day now. ;-)

On Saturday we had a Welcome Home Justus party! It was great fun at the Keel's house and the food...oh mama! Courtenay and Judy seriously out did themselves. Here are a couple of pictures from the party:

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Rosie said...

I can already see the difference in size in Justus. hoping the little girls getting better