Friday, July 25, 2008

Grandparents and Homocide

Not necessarily in that order.

Tim made a declaration upon arriving home from work Thursday. "We need to embrace a lifestyle of peaceful tranquility." I only had one question: "Where are we hiding the children's bodies?" yeah, that was when the declaration became a pipe dream.

Last night was rough. It was a phone call near midnight - poopie diaper at 1 - Isaiah leg cramp at 2 - bottle at 3 - Justus doesn't want to go back to sleep 'til 5 - why won't you take your pacifier - oh, because that's your ear I'm shoving it into - kind of night. yawn.

But my parents are here (I will try to post grandparent/Justus pictures tomorrow) and it's fun to relive the newness of his being here through their eyes. Now if I can just convince them to take the night shift...



LisaSlater said...

Hey-Since you're just sitting around why don't you update your blog header? You're missing like 20% of your children. ;)

The Sexton Crew said...

Lisa -why don't you just go watch that great DVD that you won ---aw, crap. I will send it. I will send it. OR I will write it into my will -if I die you will finally get your prize.


ali said...

lolololololol now i get why you & tara like each other so much, same sarcastic sense of humor! are you dutch too? LOL love reading both of you! ali