Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the News

There was a girl (17) whom we met shortly after moving into our neighborhood two years ago. Her name was Gabby and she would walk through our area while visiting a friend a few blocks over. She was popular with all the kids because she would often share candy with them and always stopped to chat if anyone was outside playing. She talked with the kids as though their stories were the most important thing she'd heard all day. She seemed very sweet, sincere, and was always smiling. We saw less and less of her as the two years passed.

She was shot to death on Sunday by her boyfriend. Here is a link to the news story. They refer to her as a woman which is hard for me to swallow. I know that 19 year olds would argue with me but when you are talking about the end of a life, nineteen hardly seems grown. Our kids were sad to hear what happened and a few of the kids who've known her longer have taken the news very hard. Please pray for them as they process it. Please pray for the Reece family. They are grieving in a way I cannot even imagine, and never hope to. But our God knows exactly how they feel. Pray that He will be very real to them in this time.

Also, pray that the guy responsible will be caught. As of this morning, he is still on the run.


Shari said...

Oh Amie, how terribly sad. She was not a woman...just a baby! I am praying double time for this family and for the guys responsible for her death. It is just awful. the things we do to each other. I am sure that God and all of Heaven shed some tears that day.

Nancy said...

How sad for the neighborhood too. I am sure God has you there at this time for those kids who are grieving. Praying for wisdom and long arms to hold them. Love you guys and sure miss being around lately.