Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ode to Sarcasm
by Amie Sexton

Sarcasm, sarcasm, thou art a wicked friend
For what pleases in the beginning, surely bites me in the end.

You bring me great joy when good friends are near
The smiling faces of ones I hold dear
But in the public domain where the audience may swell
I fear you don’t translate yourself very well.

To attempt to restrain you, I once measured my words
Hoping not to confuse the ones who have heard
And I began to take literally the words others spoke
Till alas, someone muttered “Man, she can’t take a joke.”

So, you see that you’ve left me in a straight betwixt two
To embrace or replace thee, what shall I do?
Yet, even now I admit that in this very prose
I have used you again to make my point, I suppose.

Oh sarcasm, sarcasm, thou art a wicked friend
For what pleases in the beginning, surely bites me in the end.


T & T Livesay said...

I would rather be misunderstood than give up sarcasm. great poem woman.

The Millenders said...

Hey Tara - that gives me an idea for next year. How 'bout you give up SARCASM for lent?

The Sexton Crew said...

Right -because that wouldn't be setting herself up for a royal failure. No offense T!


T & T Livesay said...

sarcasm is the lifeblood of the passive-agressive person ... if I gave it up i would also just give up speaking for 40 days. some here would probably like that.

Anonymous said...

I want to leave a witty remark to let everyone know of my witt but alas I have none other than dimwit. Does that count? Great poem. I once gave up being loud for a year thinking a godly woman was quiite and meek. I was miserable. God showed me that He gave me my personality. Now He has to fine tune it and I have had to learn when it's appropriate and
when enough is enough but I believe He gives us those quirks (yes, you are quirky :) but that's what we love about you. So my lent lasted a year. It was the longest year of my life. Love you girl
ps for some reason again it's not letting me publish under my name so i am publishing it under anonymous but am not trying to be incogneto (sp?) This is Nancy

Lisa said... 2 cents.
it's not sarcasm that's the evil one here. I totally agree that God designs each of us with our individual personalities...yes, some quirkier than others! But isn't that what makes life so interesting? I believe that we would do a disservice to our God if we were to "give up" an element of what He created in us.
However, I believe the key here is to always check our heart motive in our words and our actions.
For any of us who have been in the Sexton's presence clearly know what motivates them. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, that being said, I would propose a challenge to Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Madam Anonymous. Study the 4 gospel accounts of Jesus' ministry. Was He not often dripping with sarcasm when addressing the hypocrisy of the Pharisees? From my studies of Jesus' words and acts on earth, He was quite the quick witted carpenter - Son of God! Who, by the way, usually rendered the puffed up and oh so wordy Pharisees speechless.

I arrest my case. Next!