Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Mamoune has been dealing with a bit of a bullying situation on the school bus. Actually, it's been an off-and- on, year-long ordeal but Monday was the worst incident thus far. (For all of you who watched Oprah's special on kids who are bullied and commit suicide -don't panic! We are taking care of the problem and the school Principal is working with us to do so.)

We were talking with her over dinner about how and when to protect yourself. Our advice was first, to try and avoid the conflict. Ignore the girl. At the very least, don't get into a name-calling, put down, word battle. And secondly, if the other student makes any move to touch her physically she has two options. 1. Look for the way out and get away from her. If the girl has cornered her then 2. hit her ONE time HARD enough to make a way out and then, get away from her.

If you know anything of Mamoune from this blog, you know that she is strong as an ox. She clearly has the lean, muscular, can-carry-three-times-my-body-weight-on-my-head, Haitian genes. So, we were completely perplexed by her hesitation to stand up to this bully. At one point I challenged her with this:

Amie: Mamoune, you have tried to stand up in my face. You've been so mad at me and Daddy for things that you did wrong and yet you aren't mad enough to stand up to this girl when she is wrong. What the heck?

Mamoune: I'm not afraid of you.

Amie: (eyebrow lifted) I can change that, you know?!

Mamoune: No. It's just that (get ready parents; this is one of the phrases you dream of hearing your child say) you guys are loving mean but she is hating mean.

Amie: (needing to finish the conversation but wanted to a gospel shuffle around the kitchen singing the Hallelujah chorus) So, you know that we aren't really going to kill you even when you bow up at us but you don't know that she won't. Is that what you're saying?

Mamoune: Yes.

That's certainly understandable. Now, for any of you who may be lamenting over my poor daughter's misfortune or inwardly chiding: that's what they get for putting her in public school. Pipe down! Because this is the BEST part of the story.

Apparently, coming up against a seemingly impenetrable force of blatant sin and the difference between love and hate makes a young lady ponder things. Monday night before going to sleep, Mamoune was thinking. Thinking about her life. Thinking about her owns sins. And thinking that she needed somebody to take care of both. Luckily, we just happen to know a Guy who is into forgiving sins and giving life. So, without any "repeat after me" from her parents; Mamoune prayed in her own words and gave her life to Jesus, her sins to Jesus, and even her enemy to Jesus.

Yeah public school!!!??? Nah. Yeah bully!!!??? Nope. Yeah God!!!??? Yes. For "working all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose."


The Millenders said...

Yea God is RIGHT!!! We love you, Mamoune, and are so excited to hear about your decision to trust Jesus. There will still be tough days ahead - stick with him, we know he will stick with you! Again, we love you very much are are way proud of you!

T & T Livesay said...

That is more awesomer!

Eve said...

We feel your pain with the bully. Owen had an enounter with a relative's neighbor that didn't like the fact that Owen was a 2nd degree black belt. Owen has had all sorts of training on how to make it stop. Yet, when the boy had him down on the ground choking him - Owen was thinking "If I strike back 1)will I get into trouble 2)This boy knows I am a Christian - what would Jesus do." As a parent, it was a tough call to make - frustration that he allowed that and pride that he allowed that.

Anonymous said...

What a powerful testimony! I cried when I read this post to my husband. Your family and you are so richly blessed. And what a gift you've been given for expressing your faith. I love your ability to share it with others without the standard, "let's beat them over the head with scripture". Your tell-it-like-it-is method is far more effective! Continued blessings to each of you.