Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peeps on Parade

Mamoune gets the first frame for two reasons.
1. Her birthday was Sunday and I failed to post it.
Here she is with freshly permed birthday hair.
2. Because she is responsible for the next group of pictures featuring Isabella
wearing some... unconventional fashion creations .

The Gypsy-Pirate Wench Look

When you just can't decide between wandering aimlessly
and walking the plank. OR...

The red-carpet ready and slightly risque crocheted dress.
(Granny -do you recognize your blanket?)

Oh look! The paparazzi. you all...muah!
You thought that was revealing. Here's some serious flesh for you:

And last but not least today; here we are on our Mother's Day date.
It was peaceful. We were alone. We were happy.
We have really big foreheads. shrug.


Lisa said...

Hi Amie, What's with all the hair on Tim? I love Mamoune's hair. Besure to tell her how pretty she looks for me. Of course Ms. Movie Star is just adorable. Justus too!

The Sexton Crew said...

I think Tim has adopted the "grow it where you can" plan. =)