Saturday, July 7, 2007

Here we go again...

After sorting, packing, resorting, and repacking AGAIN, we are ready to move. We closed on a house in Wake Forest yesterday and the Uhaul is downstairs waiting to be stuffed. The house is almost completely painted inside thanks to the power force of Ben and Shelby McRoy, Frank and Angela Pribyl, and Amy Moon! The mastermind behind the color choices (an ingenious designer who shall remain nameless) was greatly pleased with the outcome. Pictures will come soon but here are a few of the expressions that were heard from those who have seen it:

"holy cow"
"whoa, this is fun!"
"you mean you chose these colors?"

Oh, ye of little faith! =) I can't wait to see the reaction of the guys coming to help us load up. And of course, we couldn't have accomplished so much without the help of the "wee watchers"; Louise, Frank and Angela, and Teri! THANK YOU!!!

Since we are transitioning yet again, we will be without computer access for a few days. Embarq tells us that we should be up and running again by Tuesday of next week. Let's hope that's true. We will post and put up pictures of this newest adventure at that time. Pray for safety through all of the lifting and traveling today and that we will get settled into a new groove soon!

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