Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mamoune's hair

Some of you may recall that this time last year Mamoune had a scalp infection which was slowly but surely destroying her hair. The picture below is kinda gross but it's good to see how far we've come. By the time the infection was cleared up, she had lost about 60% of her hair.

It was quite sad and she spent a very long time wearing various scarves, bandannas, etc. A few people thought I'd just become a lazy parent and didn't feel like braiding her up but this was not the case. There was the possibility that her hair was permanently damaged and would not even grow back. We watched anxiously and breathed a sigh of relief as new growth began to pop up. Once the new hair reached a uniform length we decided it was best to shave everything down to an inch so it could grow out together. I thought she looked great with the short do (pictured here). But let's face it people, little girls want to look like little girls. Mamoune was not so thrilled. It took a lot of encouragement and some help from Miss India.Arie's "I am Not My Hair" video to convince her that she could be proud of her new look.

And now, after much waiting, we decided that it was just long enough for a perm (that's a relaxer to straighten the hair for our Caucasian audience who know perms to be something used to curl hair =)). I had to remind Mamoune that the perm was not magic and she wouldn't suddenly have hair down to her ankles but that it would give her a little more length to style. We think it turned out pretty good. Nice and girly.


Mark & Kristen said...

Very pretty!! She has grown up so fast in the 2 years we've known you guys...

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Tell M. that I think it looks REALLY good!!!! I am happy that it grew in - what a mess that awful fungus stuff is.