Saturday, July 14, 2007

Izzy's Big Day

I am a few days behind since we had no computer but Isaiah's birthday was on Wednesday. He's six years old which is at times hard to remember because of his size (he has a good 1/2 inch on his 8 year old siblings). Here's our sweet birthday boy's adoption story.

Isaiah joined the family in August of 2001. He was just three weeks old but a whopping 12 pounds of cheeks and hair. Seriously, it was a little scary. We've noticed how everyone who sees Bella comments on how beautiful she is -people didn't say that about Isaiah. I know, but it's the truth. He looked like a ninety year old black woman. No kidding. But he was ours and we were in love with him.

For the first year of his life he had creased ears because the fat of his cheeks kept them folded. I never got through a grocery store run without being stopped by at least one woman who just wanted to squeeze him. I was once playfully scolded by a nursery worker for not putting snapping pants on him. That was up until she realized this six month old was wearing 2 toddler clothes.

Izzy was the most content baby I'd ever seen. In fact, thanks in part to the two year old tornado called Nathan, some of Isaiah's infacy is a blur to me. He loved his bouncy chair and refused to be rocked to sleep. He wasn't much of a snuggler and still isn't but he's been our joyful boy and given us so many smiles and lots of entertainment.

You see, Isaiah is so big that his body doesn't always cooperate with him. He's very clumsy. There are times when we enjoy a good laugh at his expense. Like the times he falls off his chair for no apparent reason or runs completely into a wall. We can't help but chuckle and he is usually a good sport. He's definitely a "bull in a china shop" kinda kid. But he has an amazing servant's heart. The boy will work himself to death for anyone. He just loves to help. Isaiah is named after my grandfather (middle name) who also happened to be a hard worker.

Izzy has always been a bit of a show stopper even though he doesn't particularly care for the attention; but we are seeing more every day how he will also be a heart stopper. I can see the future in those brown eyes and my sweet boy with the big, beautiful smile is growing up to be so handsome.
If we can just teach him to give affection without causing bodily harm, there might be hope for the future Mrs. Isaiah Sexton.

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