Friday, August 3, 2007

Snack Shack update

Snack time is going well and continues to grow. We've added several kids to the list of regulars and they are hanging in there with the verses. This past week we added a new dimension to the program. On Monday, Nancy Foss -teacher and friend from church who lives just down the road- came to do a Bible story with the crew before they got the new verse. I had no idea how it would go. I knew there was a good chance the kids would love it and an equally good chance that they would be annoyed by so much structure and just choose to leave. BUT I underestimated my partner in community. She was on the ball.

Nancy brought a "treasure chest" and gave each child 3 tickets. If they caused any disruption during the story, they lost a ticket. If you lost all your tickets, NO treasure chest for you ("Soup Nazi" style =)). A few got close, losing two of the three tickets but in the end everyone pulled it out and got to choose a prize. The story was David and Goliath and our verse for the week was "People look at the outside but God looks at the heart" 1 Samuel 16.7. (the New Amie/Easy For Kids to Memorize version) We had 15 kiddos plus one young mom listening in the wings. Very cool. Next week -Queen Esther.

While I've encouraged the kids to really learn the verses, they usually hover around the picnic table before I come out and remind anyone who can't remember it. Technically, sure, it's cheating BUT as my pastor's wife says, you learn to measure success in different ways. 10-15 kids "cheating" to say a Bible verse feels like a success to me.


Bobbey said...


I fail miserably where you are succeeding! I noticed last night as my tiny gaggle of children doubled in size in my small back yard. It occurred to me as I drove to Nancy's for her Tues night Bible study that I too might incorporate your idea. Now I can have a reason to feed all the kiddos that beg snacks. Is there a way to buy into the franchise? Are there franchise regulations? Is there only one type of Little Debbie cake that is acceptable or is anything fair game? There are about 20 kids of all ages in and about our cool if I could bring them all in for a little Bible teaching too! Do you think Nancy will travel to Creedmoor for community children's Bible study???

The Sexton Crew said...

You'll have to ask Nancy about her willingness to travel the countryside. Maybe if you offer her a nice mileage rate. =) In our group, any snack will do. My newest lesson learned -remove the wrappers before giving to the children. This way the trash will not end up all over the yard. I also bought plastic cups and write their names on them. If I don't get a cup back, it's easy to find the culprit. Tim and I are also considering getting a big gatorade cooler so they can self-serve water on these nasty hot days. We'll see how that goes.

Bobbey said...

You're an amazing wealth of knowledge on this franchise information! Thanks!