Sunday, August 19, 2007

Living Dangerously

As I am typing this post, Tim is sitting no more than 6 feet behind me playing Play Station with Nathan. I feel confident that I won't be caught because when he's "gaming" he may as well be on another planet. But I do admit that my heart rate is up a bit and my palms are sweating. Like sneaking away to see a secret lover. Are you feeling completely freaked out by that? =) Well, it's clear that I would never survive (and have no desire or intention to) as a cheating spouse. Every time he gets on the computer I ask what he's doing and then have to walk out of the room before I bust out laughing.

The picture to the right is one that I took, believe it or not, in the middle of one of our few and far between fights. I was REALLY mad at Tim for something that was probably very important at the time (in other words -I don't remember why) but as the sun positioned itself just right, all my mad flew out the window. How can you be mad at someone whose ears are on fire? I couldn't do anything but laugh. Fight over. Score one for the Creator of back lighting.

Uh-oh. Game over...gotta go! yikes.

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