Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Manic Monday

I know it's unusual for me to break tradition and actually have something serious to say but with your permission...yesterday was a doozie!

After doing a few chores and home school, I let the kids go out to play before it got steaming hot. Soon, the boys came in to tell me that there was an ambulance at Shea and Tivan's house. (two of our regulars) We watched from a distance for a few minutes but there wasn't much movement in the house. I decided to walk across and see if the neighbors knew anything. They did not know and really didn't seem interested in knowing. Which was a bit frustrating and momentarily made me question myself. What if they start thinking of us as the "nosy" neighbors? Then I figured it wasn't likely our family could appear any weirder than we already do and what the heck do I care. Clearly something was wrong in the home of some of MY kids and I wanted to help if I could. Fortunately, Shea and Tivan came out just as I was crossing back by their house. As I walked over and asked what was up, Shea broke into tears and explained that her great grandma had fallen and they were taking her to the hospital. Being nosy paid off. I was able to comfort the kids, talk to their grandfather and ultimately bring them home with me until later in the day when things had settled down. This was from noon 'til 3:00.

Nancy and her coveted treasure box arrived and soon the yard was hopping with yungin's. They did their story, got the new verse for the week (a very appropriate "Is anything to hard for God?" Genesis 18:14), and enjoyed snack. The crowd began to disperse around 5:00.

I started on dinner until Jayla (and Zion -2 more usuals) came and asked if I could help them do homework because their mom was in a car wreck and wouldn't get home in time. I've met and really like their mom. I agreed to help them and they began laying out papers on the table while I walked across to check with their grandma and see if everyone was okay. Turns out she rear ended someone and her car was badly damaged but she was fine -just stuck in Raleigh waiting for a rental car. So, dinner was put on low and we worked on homework. This was from 5 until about 6:30 with Tim coming home in the midst of it and graciously feeding the screaming 7 month old who didn't give a rip who'd been in what accident she just wanted her strained peas, dog gone it.

The house was cleared of little people except the four who legally reside here and we sat down to eat an overcooked but still enjoyable dinner. The kids mom, Demetrius, came over and thanked us. She was shaken, frustrated, and by today, probably very sore. We chatted for a while and then again we were back to just the six of us. It's amazing how quiet six people can seem after a day like that.

You may now commence to feeling sorry for me. No. I'm kidding. That's not why I shared the craziness of Monday with you. This is why -because sometimes I have a passing thought that because Haiti didn't work out, God didn't "send us" to the mission field. But as Miss MJ (one of the sweetest ladies in our Sunday School class) just reminded us, we ARE on mission. You ARE on mission, right where you sit and read this... home, work, whatever. I was not as gracious about or even aware of the God-ness in all those circumstances yesterday as I should have been but as I plopped down in an exhausted and weepy heap last night He gave me the hindsight to see that it was all worth it.

Thanks for listening fellow missionaries!


kd said...

Well, I'm glad the prayers for God to use you all in your new neighborhood is being answered!

Anonymous said...

praying that over time, God will use your willingness to be involved in the lives of your neighbors in the name of Jesus will soon be what sets you apart, and then that He will have them join you. we're praying that your neighborhood will be transformed by His presence there through you. thanks for representing!! thanks for sharing successes as well as failures, we all need to do that more!

Troy & Tara Livesay said...

Awesome Amie ... that is a great day.

God is good.