Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sixteen and counting

Sixteen days! Can you believe it? Sixteen days and the boy still hasn't checked the blog. I'm beginning to feel sorry for him myself. He's a very busy guy and he is a wonderful husband. Maybe I should....well, I could just....perhaps it would be best if....NAH! I'm not telling and neither are you, right?

I'm guessing there are some of you who've wondered to yourself on some occasion what did Tim look like when he had hair? You've seen him sporting the cabbage do but that's not the only interesting style to grace his sweet bald head. Today is your lucky day. Come with me on a journey through the land of happy hair:

I think he has one of those faces that just works with any style, don't you? ;-)

1 comment:

Bobbey said...

Oh Amie, you're simply shameless!! :) Love it!