Sunday, August 19, 2007

News for the sake of news

We've had a busy weekend. Grandparents visiting, babysitting, and dog sitting all in the same few days.

Ron and Chris if your reading this Raleigh is doing just fine. He has shadowed me since day one and has no regard for personal space whatsoever. I have managed to pee by myself once or twice but not without him pawing and whining at the door to let me know that he would much rather be supervising my activities from within the bathroom. I suppose it's only fair considering that he is forced to do his "business" with me attached to him by a short leash. hmmmm. Great. Now I'm gonna feel guilty for trying to have a moment's privacy.

My parents got a quick breaking in on the new 'hood. Children, children, everywhere. But they hung in there and inherited a few new adopted grand kids.

Tonight, we are chillin'. No plans, no agenda. Just relaxing and looking forward to a normal week. Which reminds me -I will post pictures of the new house but not until after Monday Mop-Up Day.

Have a great week, everyone!

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