Friday, August 17, 2007

The votes are in....

and it appears that we are a like-minded bunch. With the exception of a few (who I presume to be men taking pity on Tim so that he will some day return the favor when their wives decide to make them the brunt of a cruel joke). And so, this leaves me with an ethical challenge. How much fun can I really have with this and still be a loving wife? It isn't a matter of submission. I mean, Tim never told me NOT to use him as fodder for my slightly demented wit. It's really just a matter of boundaries. I can do boundaries. HA! Let the games begin.

This won't completely humiliate Tim and it will be fun for all of you. When Nathan was two-ish we must've had some spare time on our hands because we created a new Fortune 500 company ---(drum roll please)

CRS -The Cabbage Replacement System

Looks and feels like real hair.

Women will want you. Men will envy you.

Your children will want to be JUST like you!

CRS -available in produce stands everywhere.


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