Monday, October 15, 2007

It ain't Mr.Roger's neighborhood...

I've been hesitant to write much about our neighborhood and some of the interesting situations we find ourselves in because 1-I don't know who may have access to a computer and may happen across our blog, 2-I don't want to offend anyone, and 3-I don't want to freak the grandparents out too badly. But here's the deal -we started this blog so that we would have the prayer support of our friends and families while on the mission field. We aren't in Haiti but we are still on a mission field (so are you, btw) and we still need the prayers and support of our friends and family. So, I'm breaking the silence.

What do you do when you see a young man and young woman beating each other down in their front yard? Cursing, screaming, punching, kicking, beating each other? Now, before you get too pious and try to lay it out to me in simple the police, duh! What if making that call could put you and your children in real danger? Not so simple anymore, is it? This is the question we've found ourselves grappling with since the aforementioned scenario played out before us.

Let me interject some assurance for the hand-wringers in our reading audience: My kids were across the street playing football. They did not hear or see any of this. I'm so thankful for the ways God protects them. Also, we DO feel safe here -usually. This was just one of those moments that caught us off guard. And really, what if we don't always feel safe? What should be our response? Move? (the grandparents say "Amen" :-)) Well, we can't afford it and even if we could, is that fair? What about the sweet grandmas who live near us, or the single moms, or the kids -do they feel safe all the time? I doubt it but I don't recall hearing a plan B from any of them. This is reality and escaping reality isn't an option for most people.

How ironic is it that a family who was ready to go to a third world country and brave the malaria is suddenly asking "what have we gotten ourselves into?" I think what we are "into" is a world who needs Jesus; people who need a break, who need hope and help for right now -today, and by His grace the opportunity to form some uncommon and eternal friendships.

So, we covet your prayers. Prayers for wisdom in every situation and for protection when needed. Pray for the many wonderful people we have met and hope to build relationships with. Pray that we will be able to continue ministering to our community in tangible ways and that we will be fearless to do what is right but smart at the same time.

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Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Hmm, that would be so hard. We always want to have everything around us be comfortable, and when it's not...well, we find a way out.

I will pray that the presence of God in your lives will radiate to those around you. Keep pressing on! I needed this reminder to love my is so much easier to just ignore them.