Monday, October 29, 2007


Walking at nine months. ptooey. We've considered hobbling her but that doesn't seem like the loving parent thing to do. Sorry grandfolk -it looks like the "baby" will be an accomplished toddler by Christmas.

In addition to thinking this baby stage has gone by WAY too fast, I had to hold back tears in Walmart last night. We were picking up winter wardrobes for the crew and something about 10 slims put a huge lump in my throat. I looked at Tim and said "we've never had to buy pants this big. I'm going to cry." He laughed and decided to help the situation by pointing out how Isaiah's head comes only a few inches below his (Tim's) shoulder. Tim is not short, he is average. (in height -in everything else he is far above average ;-)) Isaiah is six and a beast.

My babies are growing up. That's kinda the point, isn't it? In many ways I can't wait for them to go. Just thinking of all the time Tim and I will have together for uninterrupted conversations, ahem, among other things =) makes me very excited about the way God worked this family thing out. In other ways, well...swallowing lumps. Gotta go.

Side note to Tara -jeans are nothing compared to college. Loving you and feeling your pain in small ways!


Heather said...

Sigh. That pretty girl was rolling to the air vent last time I saw her...

The Sexton Crew said...

Heather -that's true. She's way beyond the rolling stage now. =) Anxiously waiting to see what happens with your VISA. Maybe we will see you soon??! Not that we are praying that way. ;-)