Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun

There are lots of different opinions about Halloween out there and I have no desire to debate the issue on this blog. Let's just say it falls under Romans 14 and we will "let each be firmly convinced in his own mind." That said:

What do you think? Not bad for last minute thrown together stuff from the Goodwill. The hat (which I had to spray paint) wasn't quite black enough; my moles were backwards; and my tooth was a bit longer than necessary but you gotta give me credit...I was working that uni-brow. =) Nanny McPhee is one of my heroes. I love the movie and HIGHLY recommend it. It's like a parenting 101 class. This is what I love about her:

-She expects children to behave
-She uses very few words
-She carries a very big stick
What's not to like?
Last year, I dressed up as another of my heroes --the wife of our Pastor of Counseling, Louise Thornton.

Fun, fun. I think I enjoy this holiday even more now than I did as a kid. I have no pictures of the kids in their costumes. Loser mom. Sorry. Partly because they had stripped out of them (they were clothed underneath) within 5 minutes of getting to our church carnival. You can't slide down big blow up things while wearing capes and light sabers. shrug. It was quite a night though. There were 2 adults and 5 kids in my van. And two adults and eight children in the church van that Tim drove. Here are some random pictures of the crew as best I could keep up with them:

Angela -the bee keeper

Nathan on the mechanical bull.

Javon on the bull.

Princess Gloria

Spider-Elijah and Yoda in the background.

Tim went dressed as a Pastor. Original. Oh wait, he wore his Panthers hat. So, that made him a pastor/Panther's fan. He goes all out for these things. =)

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