Wednesday, November 7, 2007

For you, Heather!

My friend Heather, who is in France ( has ever so subtly asked me to update the blog. =) I guess you all have been looking at Nanny McPhee for quite a while, huh?

Things have been hectic around here. Lots of needs, lots of opportunities to serve others. Oh, and lots of completely selfish thoughts like -if you have a question, need help, need encouragement, need prayer, or just need a sympathetic ear -TOUGH! I'm all tapped out so back off. Yep, real Christ-like ain't it? Well, clearly I haven't said this to anyone and on most days am not quite ready to peel my skin off my own body but it remains true that serving is hard. It requires a certain level of sacrifice, and sacrifice requires a certain level of selflessness, and well, selflessness doesn't leave much time for self. And that is where it all comes down, doesn't it? I'm a loser.

But I'm fighting my loserness and I suppose that's worth something. I will be teaching/sharing at a class tonight at church and am rather nervous. You can say a prayer for me if you think of it.

Heather/Cammie -I know this wasn't much but hopefully it will hold you over for a day or two. =) Love you.

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Heather said...

Hehe! Thanks, Amie! Yep, that should hold me over for a few days. Really, as a single lady, I think moms should get props for child-rearing, family feeding, house-cleaning, etc. Also I'm glad that when I eventually get back in the states, I'll be able to see you NC rather than taking another flight to Haiti (which you can believe I would have done too!). Have a great weekend, and thanks again for the post. P.S. I'm totally a loser about mailing postcards... sorry!