Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

What a day! I don't know about you guys but I'm beat and I don't think the crash point from WAY too much sugar and carbs has even hit yet. We had such a great time enjoying food and fellowship with friends and neighbors. We had about 10 adults and 14 children for lunch plus 4 adults and 4 additional children who just came for short visits. Yet somehow ye old double wide is still a-standin'. Here are some pic's and commentary on the days fun.

Mamoune and Jayla helped me make pecan pies and cheese cookies the day before. They were pretty good helpers and were kind enough not to eat all the ingredients before we could get them cooked. And they took great pride in wearing the evidence of their hard work. Jayla's grandmother lives across the street and when they aren't fighting like sisters these two are great friends.

Isaiah was much more interested in playing outside with Nathan and the other boys while the work was being done. Yet somehow he showed up just in time to lick the bowl. He has a sixth sense about these things. Don't even try to unwrap a piece of candy within a 100 miles of this kid. He will come outta nowhere with ears cocked at alert and ask (as if he doesn't already know) "are you eating something?"

You've heard the expression "barking up the wrong tree"? Well, this is what happens if you do that at our friend Roger's house. It was a beautiful morning to skitter around, gathering nuts and acorns for the winter months to come until... BAM! (and I don't meant that Emeril Lagasse style) Don't tell me we're the only ones to boast of our traditional Thanksgiving squirrel?
Just so ya know, I took a bite. A tiny bite. But having just been listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks singing "All I want for Christmas is my tooth front teeth" (which in and of itself is ironic given their propensity toward large incisors) I couldn't shake the image of this little guy scurrying about the yard with his fur still on. shrug.

Here's the adult portion of the crew (adultness based on chronology not maturity =)) plus Elijah. Bella was napping and the rest of the entourage of younguns was outside playing and we were not stupid enough to call them in for the picture. Thus the smiling faces.

And here we have evidence of a startling discovered made today. Apparently, overeating promotes hair growth. Just two more pieces of pie and Tim could've busted out his best Cher impersonation. If only he could turn back time. ;-)

Lastly, Bella and I were missing from the photos today because I tend to be behind the camera and she tends to nap. So, here's a day before shot of us.

Only a truly sweet baby girl could manage a smile while a nose is being driven through her eye socket and penetrating her cerebral cortex.
I do want to say on a serious note how incredibly thankful we are for our families and friends and for our Amazing God who blesses us beyond anything we deserve. And lastly, you've heard mention of my grandmother (Mamabel) several times if you read this site. She is a very precious lady to me. Thanksgiving is a bittersweet time for both her and my father and uncle because my grandfather passed away on Thanksgiving Day just a few years ago. After his death, I compiled some of the stories they had shared with us over the years (my Papaw was quite a story teller) and created a short book in their honor. I am going to download it chapter by chapter on my "literary dumping ground" site for anyone who might be interested. You can click here or use the link to the right. Also, I will try to download it in the correct order so that you won't have to scroll and read from the bottom up. Hopefully that will work. It's a great story (the real one not so much my writing of it) and I hope you will say a prayer for Mamabel during this season of sweet and sad memories.
We love and are thankful for each of you!!!

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