Friday, September 26, 2008

Open Letter to Mark Driscoll

Dear Mark,

Do you mind if I call you Mark? Since our first reading of your books with the ooze of sarcasm dripping from the cover, I've felt that we were old friends. I'd like to thank you for spending time with my husband as he's been fighting off a recent head cold. Your late night, middle of the night, and early morning chats are very dear to him. Though he has made mention that you are bit one-sided in your "conversations*" and he can barely get a word in edge wise.

"Do you know what Mark told me last night?" he asked me first thing one morning. I coudn't begin to guess since you guys seems to cover a wide array of topics. "He told me that I should wear my wife's favorite cologne." Really? "Do you know where it is?" I was stunned. Of course, I know where it is. In fourteen years of marriage I have tried everything imaginable -begging, nagging, conspicuously leaving the bottle of cologne alongside his deodorant, offering various ahem, rewards and pleasantries; none resulting in consistent wear of my favorite scent.

But now, upon your recommendation (with the help of Solomon) the warm and enticing aroma of Drakkar Noir lingers in the air. And the memories and tummy flutters of our high school dating days have flooded in as well. I think he has long underestimated the power hidden in a simple dab of musk. While he was out of state for college in the second year of our relationship, I would visit the Macy's fragrance counter and douse my sweater with the tester bottle. Then I would sleep with the sweater and dream that I was nuzzled into the sweet, warm skin at the nape of his neck. aaaaaahhhhh.

Wait...where was I? Oh, letter to Mark Driscoll -that's right. Anyway, Mark I would just like to thank you publicly. You have brought the smell of the early 90's back into our lives and I'm loving it! Now, if I could just get my bangs to stand straight up...

Much Gratitude,

*(If you'd like to have "conversations" with Mark Driscoll, you can play and/or download messages at


Joanna Christmas said...

You know all that talk about adopting 5 and ending up with one of your own?...easy there....

T and T Livesay said...

Mark Driscoll? Mars Hill? Wow Amie ... you're like WAAAY out there.


Hey - ever read Shane Claiborne? Ever hear Derek Webb?

miss you.

steph said...

I'm so glad to hear that! I am a member at mars hill and I am getting married in December! My fiancé and I are very excited to start our marriage with the help of Solomon! His scent will be changing soon from second hand smoke (which I love) to just cologne. I guess that's better then lung cancer. Good luck with more helpful hints from Solomon!

Matt Tennison said...

Awesome :) Now I'll have to have my own conversation with Mark.

But a question - if he wears it all the time, can it be worn out? Are you afraid you'll become conditioned to it and not even notice it? That's my fear in wearing my wife's favorite cologne (that, and the fact that it's hard to come by anymore).

The Sexton Crew said...

Steph -Congratulations!

Matt -I have considered this and I'm thinking that since I'm working from a 14 year withdrawal, I'll be okay for a while. But eventually, I would settle for special occasions and date nights. Anything is better than sniffing my own sweaters. =)