Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Prayer Meeting Tonight

We are inviting anyone in the Wake Forest area who is interested to join us for prayer for the country of Haiti at our house tonight at 8:30 pm. Like so many of you, we have connections to Haiti through friends, family, and mission teams, and we are devastated and hurting for the country of Haiti in the wake of yesterday's earthquake. Our friends in Haiti have asked us to pray fervently, as conditions in Port-au-Prince are indescribably difficult.

If you'd like to join us tonight but don't know where we live, please comment on this blog with contact information or call us at 919-815-6601.

If you would like to track with our friends in Haiti who are searching for survivors and blogging/Twittering as often as possible, go to

Also, please become the answer to your prayers by giving to a reputable organization that is serving in Haiti. We personally support and recommend the Livesay family in Haiti (see blog address above) and Heartline Ministries (, but there are many great ministries in Haiti that will all need help right now.

We look forward to praying with some of you tonight.

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