Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interlude of Humor

I was lamenting to Tim how badly I need to exercise.

"I gotta do something. I'm having to fight just to get into my jeans."

He responded, "yeah, and that's after throwing up for a whole day. How many viruses does it take to get you into your jeans?"

Sneaky smile from him. Evil glare and shaking of the head from me.

The boy likes to live dangerously and well, he's just lucky that I like him so stinkin' much. Now, to stop lamenting and actually start moving. ugh.



Lisa said...

HAHAHAHHA! whoops. not funny. what WAS he thinking?

The McNeill family said...

I'm still hopeful that you'll join me at the YMCA!!! And I know just the handsome man we could talk to about a membership deal for you...