Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The New Baby

We are very excited about our newest family member! We've never had one this color but that's okay. She's just right for us. The name? Oh, we're calling her Sienna. Our precious little Toyota Sienna Sexton. You can call her "Yo" for short. What?! You thought I meant something else? How silly of you! ;-)

Here she is:

Forget the cigars...air fresheners all around!


frank&angela said...


frank&angela said...

congratulations!!!! she's beautiful!

Bobbey said...

She's beautiful! But then you and Tim have beautiful babies! She even looks big enough to tote the whole crew around!!! Congrats!

You are indeed blessed!

Mark said...


Glad you found out. And you made an excellent choice.

Luanne said...

I am very happy for you!! That color looks good on people with your skin and hair!