Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Only You

...could make up such funny, unusual, and just plain silly idioms. I'm so proud of all of you for trying (in some cases, obsessing). It was fun watching the comments roll in slowly but surely. We even had a few emailed in.

You all did great but as you know there can only be one winner. Actually there could be more than that but we are too cheap to offer more than one prize. And so, without further ado, congratulations to:


For her sage advice to "Let sleeping dogs make their own bed and lie in it." It was cute, both parts were true idioms, and it had great flow.

Way to go, Amy! You can email me at with your address and your $10 gift card will be on its way. May I suggest the Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms. =)

Had their been a second place prize it would have most likely gone to John Mills who also masterfully intertwined two idioms into one clear flowing thought. Sorry, John -no gift card. Just our admiration.

And I must give out a few honourable mentions:

Troy Livesay -just for your willingness to stop caring for and serving the people of Haiti in order to participate in our little game. And for keeping your wife happy. We like her that way.

Nancy -for your diligence and for challenging us all with imagery of our grandma's sucking eggs up their noses.

And Patsy (my mother-in-law, fyi) -for telling us that you love us and condemning us to hell in the same blog post. Nicely done. ;o)

You guys are great. And you're all winners in our book.

In closing: Don't bite off more than an apple a day doesn't fall far from barking up the wrong tree. I think you know what I mean by that.



Amy said...

Me?!? You picked me?? I bet it's because my name is Amy. But I am honored. And you don't really have to send me anything. I wouldn't feel bad at all if you spent it on your kids. :)
the other Amy

The Sexton Crew said...

Are you kidding me? Girl, you better send me your info. If I renig on my first contest no one will take me seriously. My reputation is at stake. ;-)

Plus, you can get lost in a great book while you wait for your sweet boy to get home.

Congrats! Now email me your address.

Amy said...

I sent it. Did you get it?
the other Amy

The Sexton Crew said...

I got it, Amy. Your card should arrive within 7-10 days. And can I recommend a book called Mistaken Identity? -I watched part of this story on NBC Friday night. Quite an amazing turn of events for waht seem to be two Christian families. It's a little more than the $10 but might be worth it.
Enjoy...whatever you decide to get!

Amy said...

Thanks! That's really sweet of you.
the other Amy