Saturday, March 22, 2008

She Drives Me Crazy

She...He...They...take your pick.

This is the conversation as it occured at the breakfast table. Oh, and to help you visualize -the part of Amie will be played by Jennifer Lopez. Tim will be played by Will Smith. They were the closest matches we could find on such short notice. :o)

Amie: Guys, grab your cups and have a seat at the table.

A few moments later while attempting to pour chocolate milk.

Amie: Nathan, where is your cup?

Nathan: Right there.

Amie: Isaiah, where is your cup?

Isaiah: Right there. (indicating the same cup)

Amie: Okay people, there are three of you and two cups. Who actually brought their cup to the table?

Nathan: I did.

Isaiah: No, you didn't!

Nathan: Yes, I did!

Amie (and Tim): Hold it! Now, let's figure this out. Nathan, did you bring a cup to the table? Yes or no?

Nathan: Yes.

Amie: Isaiah, did you bring a cup to the table?

Isaiah: Yes.

Amie: Really?

Isaiah: (crying) No, it's a lie.

Amie: You did NOT bring a cup to the table?

Enter Mamoune stage right (she's the needy actress-type, just has to be in every scene. ;-))

Mamoune: I saw Isaiah bring a cup to the table.

Tim: (perplexed) You saw him bring his cup to the table?

Mamoune: Yes.

Amie: Isaiah, did you bring a cup to the table or not?

Isaiah: Yes.

Amie: Why did you say that you were lying?

Isaiah: I don't know.

Amie: WHAT?!! If you did get a cup, then Nathan you did not get a cup.

Nathan: Yes, I did!

Amie: uh....but...i...ah...(no longer able to think or speak coherently)

Tim: (with his SuperDad cape flapping in the nonexistent breeze) Okay, people. Let's start over, shall we? (removing the cups from the table) Kids, each of you, please go and get a cup and bring it to the table.

Sigh of relief. Order is restored. Global decimation averted. YEAH SUPERDAD!!

A final thought. Could it be that senility in old age is just your body's way of returning to the state of being with which you are most familiar? If so, I am doomed.


nancy said...

I'm left hanging. It's like watching the cliff hanger to your favorite show and having to wait a whole summer to find out who did it. So what I want to know is..... Who really did bring the cup to the table? Did you interrogate Bella? It's usually the silent ones that really know what's going on. Please I need to know who dun it. Thanks for the sleepless night to follow this blog.

The Sexton Crew said...

The antagonistic side of me kicks in during these types of episodes. Had Tim not intervened we would still be sitting there and I would have to start chopping off fingers to get to the truth.

Sorry dear, but you'll have to file this one under "Unsolved Mysteries." I'll wear my trench coat to church tomorrow if it will help.

Leo said...

Sometimes I wish I could be present for these fun episodes. You guys make Erynn and me eager for parenthood! Kids are funny.

Jena Tager said...


Troy & Tara Livesay Family said...

Nathan did not bring his cup. I have a feeling.


these are the oh so important episodes of our lives ... glad you shared and made my Easter Sunday complete.

The Sexton Crew said...

Tara- you are right. I have one who lies and one who lies about lying. What the heck?

Leo- You and Erin are welcome to borrow them on an hourly basis and see just how many "funny" moments you can suck out of them. We're all about sharing the love.

The Sexton Crew said...

eek -Sorry ERYNN. As one who has a tricky name spelling I should've paid better attention.