Friday, February 20, 2009

Beach Report (Second Installation)

Aside from the unexpected, there was the purely silly. While relaxing on the beach, I challenged Tim to see who could dig into the sand and find the largest shell. Then we decided to see if we could tunnel over to each other. (Remember building tunnels in the sandbox as a kid?) We shared a brief romantic moment as our hands met in the sand. awww. Then, we moved on to separate projects. Tim took great care in fashioning a sand castle he believed resembled some ancient ruin.

I chose a more modern inspiration and incorporated my shell competition hole into a true masterpiece. La toilette.

On the way home, we stopped at nearby "Sharky's" where we thought the kids would enjoy seeing their fin-phobic mom cozy up to this replica. These are the images that I have nightmares about.

So, now you've seen the unexpected and the goofy but the thing we spent most of our time doing...well...

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