Monday, February 23, 2009


About thirty minutes after the two oldest headed off for school, Isaiah noticed Nathan's lunch box still in the fridge. I emailed his teacher immediately, hoping to stave off a melt down. (He's my easily stressed over the small stuff kid) Just moments later, the phone rang and it was Nathan. I assured him that I would bring it to the school.

"Will you bring it to my classroom?"

"I'll probably just drop it off at the office since I'll have the other kids in the car, buddy."

"Oh. (disappointment) Well, how many minutes will it take so I can come back up here."

For heaven's sake. "Nathan, I will bring it to your class, okay?"

"Okay, good. Thanks Mom. See you in a few minutes."

I figured he just needed a minute of reassuring love from his mom and I could comply. So, after feeding the little people, we bundled everyone up and loaded into the van. I parked as close to the front as possible and threatened Isaiah with wrath of biblical proportions if he opened the door for any reason short of the van catching fire.

I signed in and tore through the halls of the school at record pace. When I reached Nathan's class, his teacher said "There you go, Nathan. You'll get to eat lunch now." He looked up at me from his desk (just three feet from the door) and stared. I stared back.

"Just put it in that basket by the door." he said. I looked around and pointed. "Yeah, just put it in there." I did. I waited. He smiled. A "thanks but why are you still standing there" smile.

I whispered, "Nathan, could I see you for a second?" He looked confused by this request. I tried to force my eyes to stay open and not disappear into evil slits. "Nathan, could you please come here for a moment?"

He climbed from his chair and met me in the hallway where he gave me a tentative hug AFTER scoping the hall for any onlookers. Seriously?!

And that was that. The boy who insisted on my physical presence even at the risk of his own siblings safety barely gave me a second look. Goofball!


Troy & Tara Livesay said...

He is playing hard to get games already!!! I want you - I don't - I want you - oh wait - I don't!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not ashamed of you, baby! Actually, I miss you and I'm not afraid to tell the World Wide Web! Let the whole world know it! I declare my love for Amie Sexton!


Anonymous said...

But remember that time, on the way to the bus stop, he held your hand, and you got all teary-eyed b/c he said he wasn't embarrassed to hold his Mom's hand? "Not one bit"? Remember that?

I do. I was telling my friend about that post the other day, and we both got a little teary. [sniff]

You two are awesome parents. Your kids are going to be so appreciative and become great adults b/c you and Tim have [in your own precious way :)] "raised them up in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it" (from Prov. 22:6).