Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Introducing Mr. Bumble

Guardian of the back porch.

No, this isn't his actual picture. He's not really into publicity stunts. He has much more important things to do like buzzing around the back porch guarding his nest and terrorizing the children. I like Mr. Bumble. Thing is, he's not really a bumble bee. He's a carpenter bee. I don't think he minds me calling him Mr. Bumble, though. You see, we have an understanding. I understand that he is just doing his job and more importantly, that he has no stinger. I don't bother telling the kids this because I get way too much pleasure watching them run and jump as he zooms by. What's his part in this arrangement? Well, he should understand that I am protecting him from my husband who would like nothing better than to send him reeling through the sky with one whack of a tennis racket.

So far, we are living peaceably. Though there was that one day when, in the midst of fighting off another bee, he flew directly into the side of my head. I passionately reminded him of the afore mentioned tennis racket scenario and he kept his distance for a time.

More recently, he not only seems to have adapted to my presence but may have even adopted me into the family. No matter where on the porch I sit, he will incorporate me into his flight path. He zips right over my head and then hovers within a few inches of my face. He's not looking at me but out in front of me. He chases away the occasional wasp and even those scary butterflies don't stand a chance. I feel safe out there.

Well, there's the buzz around the Sexton place. ;-) Not so exciting but that's a good thing! Have a great day.

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