Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freeze Frame

More fun photos:

Papa looking sassy! We know how frustrated he gets
when his bangs hang in his eyes.

Ah. Young love.

One-way ticket to Georgia, please.

No words for this face.

Snot stringing between us.
Now, THAT'S commitment.

Okay, for all of you who hung with me on this picture parade,

I have a surprise...A CONTEST!!!

The person who comes up with the catchiest, wittiest, funniest caption for the above picture (by the way- can you identify this object?) will win a copy of one of my favorite Tyler Perry movies: Madea Goes to Jail (the stage play). If you've seen any of the Madea movies, the stage play version puts the rest of them to shame! Hilarious! Entries will be accepted until Wednesay and midnight and the winner will be announced on Thursday. Good luck.

(to post your caption, click the comments link on this post and enter and ID -google account or anonymous- then hit enter. Your comment will not appear until approval. You can also email me at amiefamie@embarqmail.com if you have trouble posting on this site.)


Bobbey said...

I'm tired, it's late and yet I called Chris over for a gander at the picture. We have no idea what it is, however Chris says "I sure wish they wouldn't let those hippos on the beach".

That's the official Sakoman stance anyway.

Amy said...

Hi Amie, my daughter R calls it "A Sea-Cow Patty" and I'm still thinking.
the other Amy

Amy said...

Hi again. R also named it "ULO"-unidentified lying object. Right now I'm going with "Got Mucinex?" Daughter, A, is saying it's "a pile of shshshshshshaving cream".

Amy said...

Oh, oh, I have another one. "Someone 'forted' and oops, a poopie". Okay, that's three comments in a row. Was there a limit on this?
the other Amy

Nancy said...

Where's the Pepto?
Is that horse diarrhea?

The Sexton Crew said...

I always forget to establish rules for these things before hand:

There shall be a limit of three entries per person, hereforth referred to as the "contestant." Contestants may reserve the right to withdraw an entry and replace it with an entry which they believe to hold a greater chance of winning however; witherunto and therefore; no prize shall be awarded to any contestant for withdrawn submissions. Void where prohibited. All rights reserved. At participating locations only.


LisaSlater said...

Patrick's death was tragic, but no one doubted that SpongeBob had something to do with it.

Bobbey said...

I've had three cups of coffee (maybe 4?) and it is much earlier in the day, so I'll try again.

It's on the beach, looking much like an alien form of ginger root.

So that got me thinking that maybe it's alive. So it's alive and it's on the beach. (I said that already,right?) Poop isn't alive, so it's probably not hippo poop. So I'm thinking I should withdraw our first answer of hippo poop, but then that was C's guess not mine. For the record, I'm requesting that you not withdraw that guess.

I'm going to guess that it's a sea sponge or some form of brain coral. (....or maybe that's where my brain has gone...been looking for it for years, I shoulda known it would be at the beach, i love the beach and well, if I had to escape my life for a while that's probably where I'd go.)

Maybe I've had too much coffee??

The Sexton Crew said...

Lisa Slater -probably not a great picture for someone in your condition. Sorry 'bout that.

Bobbey -can I take the liberty of paring down your comments to one caption that goes something like: "Oh, that's where I left my brain!"?


The Millenders said...

This is a picture of Amie's brain since she started her soduku puzzles she got for her birthday :)

Clair said...

I teach you Flung Poo.

Sorry...it's the best I could do. Connie sent me here, so I had to comment. :)


Nancy said...

"I didn't lose all my marbles, there's one still stuck in my brain"

You can see the marble right in the middle