Friday, May 16, 2008

Simply the Best

Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a winner!

"Patrick's death was tragic, but no one doubted that SpongeBob had something to do with it."

Congratulations Lisa Slater! It was a toss up and I have to give props to Amy's daughter "R" for "sea-cow patty" which was a very, very close second. But after conferring with our panel of experts (read: Tim and Amie hashing it out) we had to go with the caption offered by the woman who shamelessly references cartoon characters when she, as of this moment, has no children to blame it on.

So, Lisa, email me your shipping info and your wonderful prize will be on it's way to you asap!

FYI, the original caption for this picture was going to be "Sponge Happens!" I'm impressed to see that so many of you avoided the temptation (that clearly I could not resist) to jump into the gutter. You's good people! ;-) Oh, and yes, it was some type of sponge; freshly washed up and not dried out yet. And since right after taking the picture, Tim hacked into it with a large sea shell, we are greatly relieved that it was not, in fact, Bobbey's brain.

=) Thanks for playing guys!!!

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