Monday, May 12, 2008

Where the Boys Are

Girls are cute. They do cute things. But boys are just downright entertaining. Here are a few recent moments among the young male breed of Sexton's:

Nathan informed us that his back was itching and needed to be checked because Isaiah had stuck a piece of poison ivy down his shirt. I asked Isaiah it this was true. "Yes. It l-l-l-looked like poison ivy." I calmly explained that if Nathan broke out with poison ivy and Isaiah did not, I would take him outside, strip him down, and plant his skinny, little, black, behind right on top of the stuff. No break outs so far. His behind has been spared. ;-)

Isaiah recently got his summer hair cut, shave that is, and Nathan has taken to smacking him in the back of the head. Why? According to Nathan, "I love the sound it makes when I slap his bald head." Isaiah was equally amused by this to begin with but he's beginning to lose sight of the humor. I predict that we shall soon hear what sound it makes when one slaps a curly haired boy in the back of the head. I also predict it will sound like the cries of one who can dish it out but doesn't like to take it.

I've decided that boys can turn anything into a competition. My theory was proved this morning when Nathan pridefully informed his brother that, "I have more history than you do, Isaiah, because I am older. I will always have more history than you." Since the only way this true but goofy fact could be altered would be for Nathan to die to an early death -I think Isaiah loves his brother enough to let him win.

While watching a movie recently someone "forted" (click here for an explanation of terminology). Everyone threw the blame to Nathan who denied it between cackles. I called him out by explaining that if he was the culprit he should at least say "excuse me." He sincerely offered this explanation: "Mama, I really don't know if it was me 'cause sometimes I feel it coming and I squeeze and squeeze really tight but a little bit squeaks through anyway." gotta love boys!

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