Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

So, here we are at the close of Mamoune's birthday. We had a great time bowling and Bella avoided any unnecessary contact with the bowling pins. Mamoune creamed us all. She had a little help from the bumpers but we let her gloat anyway -just this once. After bowling, we headed to The Factory for some ice cream.

For those unfamiliar with NC joints like The Factory, it is a warehouse/ice skating & hockey rink/shops/restaurants/skate park kinda place. In the front section there is a picnic area centered around a large water fountain. At one point, a few younger children made their way into the area and Nathan, observing them, made the following statement:

"Mom, I have a feeling one of those kids is going to fall into that water and I'm gonna have to go in after them." (said with voice of exasperation over how stupid some kids can be.)

Time elapse -less than two minutes


He was right. One of those kids fell into the water. Yep. Nathan. He jumped up and back over the edge soaked from the neck down. I stood there with camera in hand, laughing hysterically and taking not one single picture. Dip. But here he is looking sheepish (and shirtless) on the ride home.

It was an exciting ending to an exciting day. I think it's safe to say that we are all a little older, a little more mature, and a little less apt to run on wet bricks! Here are a couple more pictures of the birthday girl. Have a great day of worship tomorrow!


TC said...

Tell the b-day girl that I love and her miss her very much.

Always Christmas said...

my little brother has the same birthday. its a good day. she is so beautiful! see you when we get home.

Jena Tager said...

hope the bday queen had a wonderful day! i clicked on the link to read her story even though i already knew it - i still enjoyed!! its hard to believe she is already nine years old - it seems like yesterday we we listening to the rooster crow on our foam mats on the roof of the orphanage wondering what was next for the sexton family??? we truely serve an amazing god. and i have no doubt that since he has brought her this far he will complete the work he started. please give mamoune a hug from me!xxxxoooo