Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bug Boys

I'm posting this by special request from two of the silliest boys on the planet. Nathan and Isaiah would like the world to know that they are the "ant killingest boys ever!" If I had a better working knowledge of putting videos on here, I'd let you see their homemade commercial. I'll keep working on it. In the meantime, Nathan wants you all to know that if you need any ants "bestroyed" he and Isaiah are just the men for the job. Here are the young entreprenaurs sporting their recent summer do's:

I'd like to say that they come highly recommended but...I can't. Despite their passionate claim to have eliminated EXACTLY 152 ants, their method of choice -soaking the downstairs patio with water and mud- might possibly interfere with the success of this business venture. All the same, Nathan says "we can use anything to kill those ants. Stomping, water, even DIRT, man!" And we all know how much ants hate dirt. =) Regardless of the process, their willingness to serve makes me happy.


ange said...

can they get rid of fire ants, if so I wouldn't mind the mud :) Send them to texas :) LOVE THEIR DOs

Us said...

We still have some ants here- of course they're now contained outside still....but you're welcome to bring your ant busters over here. They might have a few added employees though.